You know you’re dealing with infertility when…


When we decided to write this blog, I always wanted to do a post about common instances or feelings when dealing with infertility. So I thought now is a great time, while we are still in “radio silence.” Here it goes!

You know you are dealing with infertility when…

  • you’ve bought more pregnancy tests than you’d like to admit.
  • you almost cry walking through or even just seeing a baby related aisle at a store.
  • you’re afraid to check your Facebook news feed because EVERYDAY someone is announcing they are pregnant (ok, maybe not everyday but it feels that way sometimes).
  • on a night home alone instead of enjoying a quiet evening you are wishing you had a little rascal to take care of.
  • you hear at every holiday gathering, “You two have been married for awhile, when are you going to have a baby?” (or some version of that phrase).
  • you just can’t understand how Snooki is blessed with a child, while you are still waiting.
  • the first place your eyes go when seeing/meeting a woman is her belly.
  • your conflicted with emotions when your friends share the exciting news of their arrival, you’re truly happy, yet sad that you won’t be joining them on the journey of parenthood, and scared you’ll feel left out.
  • you’ve learned more about how you and your partner’s body’s work (or don’t work) then you care to know.
  • your vocabulary has expanded with learning new medical terms and acronyms.
  • you debate whether to even do a picture Christmas card because you don’t have kids and you’re not newly married.
  • you feel lame for going to bed at 9 pm on any given night of the week or weekend because you can’t even use kids as an excuse.
  • you feel like you spend more time at the doctor’s office than at work.
  • you’ve already narrowed down names for your future child, because you’ve had so long to discuss them with your partner.
  • you’ve said the same prayer nearly every day for  2 years.


  • you’ve dreamed about almost every positive aspect of the first few years of parenthood, from finding out your pregnant, to holding your baby, to seeing them walk and talk. 

I’m sure there are many more instances or feelings I could have described, but these were a few I’ve experienced since our journey with infertility started. Thanks for reading and our radio silence will be broken in a few weeks. So stay tuned!