Radio Silence


We have reached a major crossroad in our journey though infertility.

Tomorrow morning Amanda takes the official pregnancy test to determine whether or not this IVF cycle has resulted in the growth of our family, or if we’ll have to wait just a bit longer and try again in a few months.

It will be tough, but we’re going into radio silence starting now. We’ll need some time to process what our future holds one way or another. We’ll have the results here soon, but until then, you’ll just have to wait patiently.

Regardless of a yes or no answer tomorrow, we praise God and give Him the glory.

Whatever road we head down tomorrow, we know that we’ve had tons of support, prayers, and love carrying us this whole time. It’s great to have such a huge extended family surrounding us.┬áSo thank you family, friends, followers, and whoever else might be reading.

It all comes down to this.