Our Patient Love

We're the Trewartha's, and this is our story. Join us in our quest to grow a family as we try and overcome the burden of infertility, and try to bring hope to others dealing with the same thing.


Our Patient Love

One couple's journey through infertility

Our Story

Mother’s Day


Mother’s Day – a day devoted to the mother’s of the world. It’s important to have a day to remember all the hard work mother’s do, but when you’re struggling with infertility it can be a painful reminder of how life hasn’t gone according to plan. It’s amazing what a difference a year makes. Last Read More

Coffee. Decaf. Milk. Coming Nov 16, 2013

Big News


First, we appreciate all the prayers, support, and kind wishes during this process. We broke our radio silence first on Facebook, but of course wanted to update any followers we may have on the blog. Dan and I are excited to share the big news that we are expecting our first child this fall. It’s Read More

Radio Silence


We have reached a major crossroad in our journey though infertility. Tomorrow morning Amanda takes the official pregnancy test to determine whether or not this IVF cycle has resulted in the growth of our family, or if we’ll have to wait just a bit longer and try again in a few months. It will be Read More

Flashback Friday: 4 IUIs Later


Flashback Friday is a weekly series that takes you back to earlier moments in our story as a married couple dealing with infertility. We’ll give you glances of what we’ve been through, what steps we’ve taken to get us here, and what we’ve learned along the way. Well this is the last Flashback Friday. We’ve Read More

IVF Update!


So, this post is about a week behind schedule. But thankfully, our IVF process has gone right according to plan. Here’s a summary of what’s happened since the egg retrieval procedure on February 21st, 2013 (Day 0). Day 0: Amanda spent much of the afternoon resting comfortably after returning home from the egg retrieval. She Read More

IVF Day 0: Let’s go egg hunting!


Well after many blood tests and scans, our retrieval date was set. So on Thursday, February 21, 2013 I went into our fertility office like many times before, but this time would be different. This was the first step that Dan and I have been waiting so long for. Another difference this visit had was Read More

A Bruised Belly


Well, it is the eve of our egg retrieval which has caused me to reflect on the last month. I know we haven’t been doing a lot of posts in real time. Many were flashbacks or informational, but I thought it’s time to review what’s been going on for the last month, which leads me Read More

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