Big News


First, we appreciate all the prayers, support, and kind wishes during this process. We broke our radio silence first on Facebook, but of course wanted to update any followers we may have on the blog.

Dan and I are excited to share the big news that we are expecting our first child this fall.

It’s still a little unbelievable for us. This journey has taught us the discipline of waiting and how to be patient. We’ve had so many negative tests in the last few years, I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw those two precious lines. It was a little surreal to hear from the doctor we were pregnant after a blood test. Also, it was strange to say goodbye to the staff at the fertility clinic and go to our first appointment in the “regular” OB/GYNs office.

Of course it was wonderful sharing the news with our fathers, very close friends, co-workers, etc. I am just so humbled by all the love Dan and I have received during this entire process.

My joy continues, but remember I’m a worrier so this first trimester is a challenge. I haven’t had a lot of pregnancy symptoms (which is a blessing, no sickness), but it only increases my worry. When you wait so long for something and finally get it, the first thing I think you feel after joy is worry you will lose it. I’ve had to learn to trust God in a whole new way.

So to conclude this post, I want to say thank you again. We are beyond excited for this new journey we are embarking on, and ask for prayers that our little “sapling” (young tree) is growing healthy, normally, and perfectly.